Local Search Maps Optimization

The search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) are increasingly offering local results to searchers. Whether the search his a local modifier, such as “San Diego real estate”, or local intent, such as someone in San Diego searching “real estate”, the search engines are tailoring their results to display local results. The importance of optimizing your business in Google Maps, Yahoo Local and Bing Local has never been more clear. The difference between being ranked first instead of fifth is higher than you would expect.

Here’s how it works:

* Assessment: We assess your current listings and discover where your presence is missing.
* Listing: We ensure that you get listed in all of the appropriate local search directories.
* Optimization: We will optimize your listing to beat your competitors. The idea is similar to search engine optimization, but the approach is quite different.
* Monitoring: We monitor your listings to ensure that they are always optimized and performing.

As the search engines continue to display their own local listings more prominently in the normal search results, local search maps optimization is playing an even larger role in any online marketing effort. Optimally, you should be optimizing your local search maps listing and your normal organic search listing (this gives you two search result listings on one search results page). Please use our contact form if you are interested in discovering how your business can benefit from local search maps optimization.