Local Web Design

Effective web design engages your audience from the moment they enter your website until the moment they perform your desired action. Our approach to web design is based on understanding the needs of your target audience and the action you want them to perform, whether this is picking up the phone to call you or submitting their information for a quote.

Here’s how it works:

* Consultation: We will meet with you to get a better understanding of your business and your goals.
* Analysis: We analyze the websites of competitors in your geographic area as well as the leaders in your industry in other geographic areas. We determine what others are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong.
* Proposal: We create a proposal for your website based on our understanding of your needs and the successful practices found during our analysis.
* Implementation: We will create your web page and ensure that it exceeds your standards. We are only satisfied when you are.

A quick glances through the search engines will find many small business websites that appear to have been created in the late 90s. They look horrible (by today’s standards) and they often feature poor navigation, which means fewer people picking up the phone and calling you. By pairing our local web design with our local search engine optimization and local search maps optimization, you can be sure that you will engage your target audience and grow your business.